U.N. Warns Of Coming Water Crisis

U.N. Warns Of Coming Water Crisis – http://huff.to/1BcJhIN

It also has the potential to aggravate surface heat as wet ground takes more energy to heat than dry ground.  It probably won’t affect the overall energy balance as a globe, ie the resulting extra heat wouldn’t be a reflection of more solar energy, but it could result in the net gains in the energy balance each year becoming more destructive.

I only see one way out of that hole we’re getting into with the water deficits, find some way to convert salt water to clean water on a massive scale. 

Telling people they can’t have water to drink or to grow crops to eat isn’t going to work and if it did, it would just bring on the humanitarian disasters we hope to prevent even earlier. 

One part of the issue is the focus of research for industry is primarily offense, creating new markets and more revenue.

But at some point the future will be with those who invest in researching defence, anticipating future problems and mitigating them.  When the water crisis hits, competitors with low environmental footprint may find themselves in a monopoly position as their competition gets shut down.   


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