Another polemic from Monsantos competitors

“GMO Science Deniers: Monsanto and the USDA “-

Of course weeds will evolve, but why is it that herbicide resistant “superweeds” are a problem if you are not intending to use any herbicides on them? 

If you are intending to use herbicides on them, the same problem will arise.

What should have been the main thrust of the article if it were real, the supposed perfect alternatives, are instead just glossed over with the question begging claim that they are “proven” without explanation, references or even stating exactly what they are…

Evidently the super safe, perfect alternative also involves herbicides since herbicide resistant weeds are described as a “nightmare”.

As for the allegation that crop yields have not been increasing over the years, in the absence of evidence of some vast conspiracy by all the government number crunchers that have given evidence to the contrary over the years, that’s just dumb.

Were all conflicts of interest disclosed with this article?


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