Woman Who Spent 22 Years On Death Row Has Murder Case Tossed

Woman Who Spent 22 Years On Death Row Has Murder Case Tossed – http://huff.to/1LOC90B

Amazing it’s been that long, not sure how they duped a jury to get a conviction of the woman in the first place. 

That she would go from apparently no abberrant behaviour to abruptly agreeing to have her son murdered for a 1/3 share of $5,000 from a small insurance policy, is so preposterous that the only way I’d believe it if I were on a jury would be if police had a wiretap recording of her in advance, saying just that. 

The worst serial killers have around 50 victims; the worst prosecutors, police officers and state fraudulent expert witnesses have hundreds, even thousands of victims.

That is, there are criminal sadists engaging in deliberate official misconduct who are doing far more damage than Ted Bundy who are generally given a free hand and when their criminal conspiracies are uncovered, are almost never prosecuted.

I suspect in many cases where it has been obvious from the outset that the accused has nothing to do with the crime that they are in fact accessories after the fact as well, covering up when the real perp is connected or has a connected family.   Why bother trying to railroad somebody that is obviously innocent unless you’re working with the perp?  Sometimes it may be prejudice and incompetence, sometimes I’m sure it’s not.

Maybe the worst case is the “bite mark” analyst who fabricated evidence in around 1300 cases, finally getting brought down when somebody got him on camera using a bite mould taken from an accused to create a bite mark on a deceased victim, pressing down to try to create a strong imprint. 


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