Deal farce


The irony of Obama’s team’s criticisms of the Republicans is that he’s doing exactly the same thing, worse in fact, undermining a done deal.

There is a non-proliferation treaty, it’s been in place for years, Iran is a signatory, and is in full compliance already.

Isreal the complainant is the outlaw, it is not a signatory, is not in compliance, and is a far greater threat to stability of the region. Isreal complaining about Iran is the height of hypocrisy.

The message the whole talks send is if there is a done deal we’ll dishonor it, wipe our asses with it if it doesn’t suit the political agenda of war monging neo-cons, the military-industrial complex, and other worse than worthless parasites.

Not only is the fact that there are talks itself bad faith, they are being  conducted in bad faith because the US has announced in advance that sanctions will continue for at least ten years regardless of what Iran does or agrees to.

The reason for that is the sanctions have nothing to do with anything nuclear, the US is producing a glut of oil while targeting every competitor that isn’t an ally with spurious sanctions and US sponsored instability. 


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