Woman Sues Planet Fitness For lunacy

“Woman Sues Planet Fitness For Not Letting Her Be Transphobic” – http://huff.to/1N9nHO6

“Transexuality” is not homosexuality.  It’s a psychosis.  Even after all the operations a person will remain the sex he was born, in all his cells.  A true “sex change” would require alterations at the cellular DNA level and it is wildly unlikely that anybody would ever survive the experience.

A man was in a woman’s locker room.  He should have been charged and removed.

If a man wants to dress up as a woman, or a dolphin, or dress up as a furry and go to furries conventions, knock yourself out.  When you demand that everybody else accommodate your fantasies and idiosyncracies though you’re crossing a line, going way over it.  


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