Science Fairs: In Praise of Successful Failures

Science Fairs: In Praise of Successful Failures –

Good point about the school system teaching the wrong things.  I’d go a lot further, it stifles initiative and creativity.  Force feeding the answers to trivia questions doesn’t teach anything.  It stifles real problem solving and trains people to think soviet- do what you’re told, speak when you’re told, wait for instructions, accept an authoritarian structure.

Something I’ve noticed about clients seeking legal advice, immigrants especially from the less educated parts of the globe, are more resourceful and show better preparation and initiative.  People from my culture are more often completely useless and have to be spoon fed everything.  Worse, too many babble about how anything they don’t like is against their rights, especially when they’re dead wrong.

It’s like that old chinese custom of binding girls’ feet so they wouldn’t grow, except we do it to children’s brains with the expected incapacity in the resulting adults.  


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