Bill Maher Slams Liberals For Slamming Liberals

Bill Maher Slams Liberals For Slamming Liberals –

There’s something to that, but I’d go further than that.

Cooperate with the Koch brothers on reforming criminal justice.  Cooperate with libertarians on reducing military adventures and government spying.  Cooperate with the Vatican and Catholics on most social justice issues and eliminating poverty.

Liberals are losing in part because smug superiority is more important than winning. 

I would go further.  If you agree with somebody on 5% of issues that 5% should be half of what you talk about because that’s where the traction is, that’s where you can get his vote.

The attitude towards disagreement has to change.  Liberalism is an attitude, not a policy slate.  There are a lot of people out there who consider themselves liberal that aren’t.  If you are authoritarian you aren’t liberal.

If you are a true liberal, disagreement is not merely tolerated, disagreement is good. 

Even if the other guy is dead wrong, trying to shout somebody down is more likely to get him more entrenched than do anything useful. 

If you want to change somebody’s mind you have to get in his head, if you want to get inside his head you have to see how he thinks, if you want to see how he thinks you have to listen.  

Think, how would I have to see things for what he’s just said to make sense.

It also helps with the pitch to others.  Listening to even a weak argument the other way can help hone one’s arguments and understand how to frame it to win over people that are on the fence.

And every now and again, you will be wrong.

If you can’t entertain the possibility you are wrong, you aren’t a liberal, you’re a Sith Lord.


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