And in turn the law is a well deserved backlash over e.g. the bakery cases.

What’s needed, and nobody is talking about, is balance.

How to formulate that isn’t easy, but I’d suggest something like a distinction between passive and active involvement.

If you’re a burger joint, you aren’t participating in anything, just selling a burger. 
Baking a wedding cake or catering a wedding are active participation.

I can think of no rule more fundamental to democracy and human rights than to not participate in activities you don’t believe in.

Fundamentalists should no more be forced via government to participate in gay activities than gays should be forced to participate in fundamentalist ones, or blacks should be forced to cater for the KKK.

It’s a direct contravention of the first amendment and such restrictions should be struck down accordingly even without an express law in support.

If they want to deny something more basic like a burger or create a special section on the bus, then hammer them.

It’s our duty to leave each other alone, not to wank each other off.


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