Aspiring Rapper Gets LIfe Sentence For Murder Conviction

Aspiring Rapper Gets LIfe Sentence For Murder Conviction –

If it is as they say in the article, that the case proceeded to conviction without any evidence, on the basis of one obscure comment that states nothing that only the killer would know, the conviction should be overturned and there should be very aggressive action to get the prosecutor disbarred.

Proceeding without any evidence, not even enough to support a civil burden, just idle speculation, with nothing to tie the suspect to the crime, and full premeditated intention to get a jury to convict improperly on innuendo and inflammatory prejudicial material rather than evidence, people who do that are criminal psychopaths and they shouldn’t be allowed to be lawyers.   They and the tainted police working with them should be also charged with obstruction of justice and being accessories after the fact for deliberately sidetracking an unfinished investigation.  The odds that the real killer will ever be caught if the investigation starts again from scratch years later are very remote.  When it’s more likely than not they have the wrong guy, they’re doing the real killer a huge favor.  Investigation of prosecutor and police involved for their own gangland ties is critical.  They wanted to close a case by convicting someone that is probably the wrong guy.  Why.  

An enforcer gangster gets killed.  The suspect pool is thousands of people in rival gangs and his own.  It could be revenge for some other killing he’s done, it could be someone in his own gang thought he was disloyal or skimming or wanted to move up.  It could have been a deal gone bad.     

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