If The Criminal Justice System Treated Other Music The Way It Treats Rap

If The Criminal Justice System Treated Other Music The Way It Treats Rap – http://huff.to/1BUtH66

I can think of others, e.g. Maxwell’s Silver Hammer by the Beatles.

Stranglehold by Ted Nugent is spooky, but the first one that popped into mind was “I’m Mad” by The Animals (originally by a blues artist I think).

The lyrics from that one include:

“…I don’t know what I’m going to do to you/ I might shoot you/ I might drown you/ I just don’t know/ because I’m mad/ I’m mad with you…”

And it’s sung like he means it.

If I recall the original is even nastier but I’m not as familiar with it. 

That isn’t to say that song lyrics could never be useful, but unless they have something known only to the perp they’re of limited utility.

An even better way to frame it is with other contexts.

Is Rocketman proof that Elton John has been to space?

Musicians try to create an atmosphere.  They are selling a product, so they are flamboyant and exaggerated because people are quite capable of being bored on their own without having to go to the trouble of spending money on music to be bored.

And why wouldn’t the same principle apply to actors in movies.  If you play violent roles does that mean you’re violent? 

Musicians, like actors, are just playing a role.


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