More problems for Boeing 787

There seem to be endless problems and delays with the new 787.  I’ve nicknamed it the Boeing Cormorant (for those who don’t get the black humor, the Cormorant is a bird that dives into water).
I don’t think I’ll be getting on any of those until they’ve got a lengthy track record of being safe.
Meanwhile there seem to be problems with new Rolls Royce engines supplied to both Boeing and Airbus such that there were problems with Qantas this week.
With billions on the line there is maybe sometimes too much pressure to get to market and not to backtrack.
I do wonder whether there might be any issue to do with volcanoes.   Indonesia is having trouble and all of a sudden two planes have major engine failure within 24 hours, you have to wonder if it is a coincidence or if there is an external factor.
Among other issues, the quality of different ash clouds may make it necessary to consider the different concentration and composition of the ash clouds from each eruption of each volcano, as it would be surprising if these issues made no difference to the effect on engines.