A simple solution to fraudulent foreclosures

It seems that banks and robosigners are now foreclosing homes of people that did not even have mortgages with them:
This is really easy to fix.
Make statutory minimum damages of $100,000 and minimum legal costs award of $20,000 for an incorrect foreclosure application, or for an incorrect entry on the credit rating of a person due to a falsely alleged mortgage default.   Make this absolute liability with no defence if the foreclosure is in fact incorrect.
Lawyers will then take these claims on contingency and the problem will go away.
For reasons that escape me, bank officials committing frauds on behalf of banks and government officials committing frauds on behalf of governments are almost never charged criminally.  In my view their station is an aggravating, not a mitigating factor, and they should generally receive the maximum sentence.   Whether they are stealing for their own benefit or not is irrelevent.
And have not just the banks, also the lawyers working for them, as potentially eligible defendants although  on a different standard [clients lie to and mislead lawyers all the time, you can’t justify absolute liability].   Lawyers are expected to take reasonable steps to ensure that their clients are not misleading the court, and in cases like mortgages where everything should be well documented, it should be quite easy to verify whether there is an arguable claim or not.