Zero dark thirty controversy

Ed Asner, Apologist for Slavery? Martin Sheen Endorsing Murder? David Clennon, Executive Sociopath? Not: via HuffPost All it takes is one scene showing torture succeeding in one case to justify torture to depraved minds. They will say if it stops even one terrorist attack it’s worth it. This is an understatement. The Bush administration’s entire legal position, moral position and strategic position on torture was based on the television program 24. We hear people say that it is speculative that unstable people like the shooters in Aurora and Newtown could have been influenced by cultural worship of violence. How about this: people supposedly stable enough to lead the free world are on record as having been influenced by a television show as the basis for having numerous people, most of them innocent, abducted and tortured. The knock on 24 is that it depicts torture as always necessary and as always producing the information that saves civilization when no ethical approach can produce a timely solution. I don’t know, I don’t watch that propaganda and I question who was backing it. Zero dark thirty doesn’t sound that bad but when spreading cultural messages one must beware that the sickos tend to hear the part they want to hear. T.V. morals are dangerous because they can seem to be more real to people than reality. People, even educated people, take principled positions based on a world that doesn’t exist. It happens all the time. It happens constantly. It is aggravated when people don’t listen to opposing positions for a nugget of truth. Take the NRA position on so-called assault rifles and ammunition clips. There is no reason to believe that the proposed bans will confer any benefit. Nobody on the other side has dealt with that. Both sides are at fault there, the NRA for hiding a nugget of truth in a pile of steaming horse feces. As for impressions on twisted minds, think about movie gun rampages. How often is it the bad guys? It’s like a law of hollywood that the biggest shooting rampage in a movie is always done by the good guy. It doesn’t take a lot for that message to get turned around. So ZDT isn’t the worst but it isn’t appealing to our better angels either.